The View From Burgundy


The View | November 2021

In this latest View from Burgundy, Canadian equities Portfolio Manager David Vanderwood advocates for the importance of considering trade-offs when solving complex problems, as he explores the ongoing...

A Rock Bottom Price

A Rock Bottom Price

The View | November 2020

A recent bid on Rocky Mountain Equipment inspires this latest View from Burgundy. With an eye on Western Canada’s agricultural equipment environment, Portfolio Manager Andrew Iu, Canadian small cap...

Marshmallows and the Cost of a Moat

Marshmallows and the Cost of a Moat

The View | October 2018

One of the most frequently mentioned research studies in the field of developmental psychology is the “marshmallow test.” Conducted in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the experiment considered how...

Strength in Adversity

PDF: Strength in Adversity

The View | August 2017

On a recent trip to Japan, Burgundy’s Asian equity team travelled to what is possibly the country’s sleepiest prefecture in order to meet a manufacturer of niche construction...

The View from Burgundy Compilation: 1990-2016

PDF: The View from Burgundy Compilation: 1990-2016

The View | May 2017

When we started Burgundy, we had two main goals: to focus on earning long-term absolute returns for our clients (without taking excessive...

Winning by Not Losing

PDF: Winning by Not Losing

The View | October 2016

Before I became an investor, I was a tennis player. I played competitively as a junior and became pretty good at the game. It took me a long time to...

Boots on the Ground

Boots on the Ground

The View | June 2016

Travel plays an essential role in Burgundy’s bottom-up investment research process. Our portfolio managers and analysts regularly travel to find new investment ideas, conduct due diligence on portfo...

Not the Time to Sell

PDF: Not the Time to Sell

The View | December 2015

Suncor Energy Inc. (Suncor) announced a hostile offer to buy all of the outstanding shares of Canadian Oil Sands Limited (COS) on October 5, 2015. As the owner on behalf of our...

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