How do you build a robust company culture? Off the heels of our recent firm-wide offsite, Robyn Ross, Head of People & Talent, identifies some of our key findings and shares how Burgundy’s culture benefits you, our clients. 

There is a common misconception that a robust company culture will effortlessly materialize on its own, but the truth is that fostering a thriving culture demands unwavering commitment and perpetual nurturing. A few months back, Burgundy deliberately set aside a couple of days to direct our attention towards our people and culture. Grounded by our mission to always put our clients first, our entire team congregated around a purposeful agenda to fuel our curiosity and strengthen our interconnectedness.

Burgundy staff participating in the corporate offsite

Burgundy staff participating in the corporate offsite

You might wonder, Why does this matter to me?  

At Burgundy, our culture is intricately intertwined with the relationships we cultivate with you, our clients. We don’t have patents, specialized equipment, or natural resources. We are a collective of diligent individuals bound by a shared commitment and fiduciary responsibility: To invest in quality businesses at the right price to grow your capital so you can fulfill your life’s aspirations. While they are highly individualized, these aspirations may include providing for your family and contributing to your community. Our effectiveness hinges on our ability to collaborate seamlessly, and firm-wide offsites play a significant role in achieving that goal.

Here are some key takeaways from our recent gathering:

  1. Insightful Presentations: Our team leads discussed business priorities, our founders emphasized the significance of our history and culture, and our CEO underscored the responsibility and privilege of working at Burgundy.
  2. Guest Speakers: Renowned experts enriched our sessions. James Kerr, author of Legacy, shared insights on effective leadership and creating a positive team culture. Zack Wieder, CEO of Principles Us, provided a holistic view of our corporate personality, guiding us to examine how we present ourselves and how we can overcome obstacles.
  3. Client Perspective: An interview with one of our institutional clients reinforced the importance of intentional culture-building, the power of clear values, and the importance of prioritizing clients.
  4. Balanced Work and Play: Our offsite wasn’t all business. We engaged in organized and spontaneous fun, participated in brainstorming sessions, shared innovative ideas, solved problems collaboratively, and fostered connections across departments.

At Burgundy, our company culture is rooted in clarity and connection, and offsites are part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen these areas. Enthusiasm surges during these offsite gatherings and afterwards, when our team returns to their desks with renewed energy and a shared commitment, not only to one another but also to you, our valued clients.


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