Berkshire Hathaway's '94 AGM

PDF: Berkshire Hathaway's '94 AGM

The View | May 1994

Most people who are readers of The View from Burgundy are quite familiar with Warren Buffett. According to Forbes magazine, he is currently the richest man in America through his...

The Market Valuations

PDF: The Market Valuations

The View | January 1994

Every once in a blue moon, securities markets go to extremes and currently we appear to have such a situation. Small investors are flocking to stocks, taxi drivers are talking...

Investing at Burgundy

PDF: Investing at Burgundy

The View | October 1993

The world of investing can be a very lonely place at times. We have learned over the years, however, that successful investors have developed their own philosophy that guides their...

The Money Masters

PDF: The Money Masters

The View | July 1993

The Money Masters, by John Train, is one of the greatest books that we know of on how money is really made. Train is a successful money manager in his...

John Maynard Keynes on "Investing"

PDF: John Maynard Keynes on "Investing"

The View | July 1993

In the world of investing, the future is always uncertain. Nearly all successful practitioners of investing that we know of possess a strong philosophy that guides their investment approaches and...

The Outside Zebras

The Outside Zebras

The View | April 1993

In the first chapter of his book, A Zebra in Lion Country, famed investor, talented writer, and well-known Acorn Fund manager Ralph Wanger likens the experience of a portfolio manager...

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