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Errors of Omission

PDF: Errors of Omission

The View | August 1995

Readers of The View from Burgundy are perhaps aware of the importance we place on the principle that shareholders are owners of fractions of a business, rather than builders of...

The Great Investment Verities

PDF: The Great Investment Verities

The View | June 1995

We never cease to be astonished at how little time and effort is spent studying the key success factors behind the small number of truly great investors – both past and...

A Sure Fire Recommendation

PDF: A Sure Fire Recommendation

The View | December 1994

Serious students of investing, and particularly those who share Burgundy’s philosophy of investing in undervalued companies with superior fundamentals, should stop worrying about what to ask for as...

Bonds - Value Investments?

PDF: Bonds - Value Investments?

The View | August 1994

Clients, readers of The View from Burgundy and friends of this firm will know that our approach to investing is to emphasize equities. We look for equities in quality companies...

Berkshire Hathaway's '94 AGM

PDF: Berkshire Hathaway's '94 AGM

The View | May 1994

Most people who are readers of The View from Burgundy are quite familiar with Warren Buffett. According to Forbes magazine, he is currently the richest man in America through his...

The Market Valuations

PDF: The Market Valuations

The View | January 1994

Every once in a blue moon, securities markets go to extremes and currently we appear to have such a situation. Small investors are flocking to stocks, taxi drivers are talking...

Investing at Burgundy

PDF: Investing at Burgundy

The View | October 1993

The world of investing can be a very lonely place at times. We have learned over the years, however, that successful investors have developed their own philosophy that guides their...

The Money Masters

PDF: The Money Masters

The View | July 1993

The Money Masters, by John Train, is one of the greatest books that we know of on how money is really made. Train is a successful money manager in his...

John Maynard Keynes on "Investing"

PDF: John Maynard Keynes on "Investing"

The View | July 1993

In the world of investing, the future is always uncertain. Nearly all successful practitioners of investing that we know of possess a strong philosophy that guides their investment approaches and...

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