Author: Hayley Carr
Hayley Carr

Awards and Recognition: The Bigger Picture

Morningstar, an independent provider of data and research to the finance industry, held its annual Canadian Investment Awards last week in Toronto. In the Pooled Fund category, Burgundy was nominated for seven of eight total awards, and we were pleased … Read More →

Hayley Carr

Three Questions Clients Must Ask Their Managers

A key takeaway from our October issue of The View from Burgundy, “Surviving Success: Investment Management and Value Added,” is that all investors should hold a yearly meeting with their investment managers to assess the manager’s business. Specifically, they should … Read More →

Hayley Carr

The Value of Experience in an Information Age

A recent Financial Times article (“End to ‘Alpha’ spells trouble for fund managers”) presents the opinion that, with the rise in information accessibility, it has become more difficult – or even impossible – for active managers to consistently beat the … Read More →