After a decade of low inflation, the pandemic has reawakened investor fears around rapidly rising prices. Whether you are paying at the pump, shopping at the supermarket, or picking up takeout, consumers seem to be experiencing higher costs all over the place. Businesses are also facing pressure, with higher costs for transportation and raw materials alongside a tight labour market. No one knows if these trends are permanent or temporary, or what the future might bring as a result. Against this uncertainty, the one thing we can control is the companies in which we invest.

Investment Counsellor Kate Mostowyk speaks with members from the Burgundy Investment Team to discuss what we are seeing today with respect to inflation, how our portfolio companies adapt during a period of rising prices, and why, in the end, we believe owning quality businesses over the long run is the best strategy to guard against inflationary pressures.

For an alternate format, access the transcript via the “Download PDF” link at the top of this post. The transcript has been edited for clarity.

Video #1: Understanding today’s headlines  

Kate, James, and Craig highlight what exactly inflation is, why it is dominating the headlines today, and how it compares to deflationary pressures.

Video #2: Burgundy’s approach to equity and fixed income investing   

Kate, Oliver, and James discuss how inflation is affecting Burgundy’s companies and explore its impact on portfolio construction.

Video #3: Remaining vigilant investors

Kate and Craig highlight what inflationary pressures and changing macro environments mean for quality investors like Burgundy.

Kate Mostowyk

Kate Mostowyk, CFA, CFP

Investment Counsellor

James Arnold

James Arnold, CFA

Vice President,

Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

Oliver Cardoso

Oliver Cardoso, CFA

Vice President,

Deputy Portfolio Manager, U.S Mid Cap Equities

Craig Pho

Craig Pho, CFA

Senior Vice Preisdent,

Portfolio Manager, Asian Equities

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