Selling the Downside

PDF: Selling the Downside

The View | November 1997

It is welcome news that the Canadian government has almost eliminated its deficit, but now we must deal with the very high debts that have been built up over the...

Great Investors

PDF: Great Investors

The View | July 1997

One of the main purposes of The View from Burgundy is to inform our readers of sound investment practices that we think enhance the possibility of long-term success. One of...

Performance Killers

PDF: Performance Killers

The View | February 1997

The 1990s have been among the best years in history for investors in the capital markets. Yet we know many intelligent people with money to invest who have done much...

The Crying Game

PDF: The Crying Game

The View | December 1996

Readers of The View from Burgundy are aware that capital allocation is one of the issues we constantly refer back to in our analysis of companies. The one thing above...

Second Class Owners

PDF: Second Class Owners

The View | September 1996

After our analysis of the relationship between reliably rising earnings and stock market performance in the “Capital Punishment” issue, our researchers at Burgundy got really ambitious and decided...

Berkshire Hathaway's '96 AGM

PDF: Berkshire Hathaway's '96 AGM

The View | June 1996

We attended the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders’ Annual General Meeting held on May 6, 1996 in Omaha. There were a number of subjects of interest that came up during the marathon five-hour question...

Capital Punishment Part II

PDF: Capital Punishment Part II

The View | March 1996

In our December 1995 edition of The View from Burgundy, we shared with you some interesting data regarding the 728 Canadian public companies in the Stock Guide database for fiscal year-ends closest...

Doing It Right

PDF: Doing It Right

The View | December 1995

In previous issues of The View from Burgundy, we justifiably have tended to be hard on managements that have failed in what we consider to be arguably their primary function:...

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