We are pleased to announce that effective September 1st, Mike Elkins assumed the role of Director of Research at Burgundy.

Mike has been a valuable member of our team since joining Burgundy in 2013. Initially working as an Investment Analyst focused on U.S. equities, he transitioned to focus on European equities in 2017 and was appointed Vice President in 2019. He has played an important role advancing Burgundy’s sustainability agenda, including overseeing our annual submission to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investing (UN PRI) and serving on our Sustainability Advisory Council. With a wealth of research experience, Mike possesses a global perspective and a deep understanding of Burgundy’s quality/value investment approach. These attributes position him well to mentor our Investment Analysts. Furthermore, Mike’s experience uniquely equips him to collaborate across our regional portfolio and client teams. Mike will continue to serve in his important role as a senior Investment Analyst on Burgundy’s European equity team. To learn more about Mike, click here.

After seven years as Director of Research, and consistent with our tradition of rotating the role, Andrew Iu is handing over these responsibilities to focus solely on managing Burgundy’s Canadian small-cap strategy. We express our gratitude to Andrew for all his contributions in this role.