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Incorporating ESG analysis into Burgundy’s research

Socially Responsible Investing

Investing according to specific ethical guidelines

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Long-Term Investing & ESG

Assessing environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors helps us to make better investment decisions. We focus on quality companies led by outstanding business leaders who are acutely aware of all factors, including ESG, that could materially impact their businesses. These considerations are critical when investing for the long term.


ESG Integration

As quality-value investors, Burgundy’s disciplined, bottom-up approach allows ESG factors to be evaluated at the onset of the investment process. We integrate them into our investment research to assess whether they have the potential to impact the value of our investment. These include:

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Environmental Factors

Companies that are acutely aware of their impact on the environment and their contribution to climate change.

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Social Factors

Companies that exhibit a culture of due process, honest dealing and fairness, and display awareness of social obligation in the communities in which they operate.

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Governance Factors

Companies that are well managed and have strong, focused governance processes. We do not engage with companies whose governance practices are deficient, whose compensation policies are excessive and whose management incentives are flawed.

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Single Approach to ESG

We employ the same integrated ESG approach across the firm. It can be seen in our investment team’s rigorous, fundamental research activities, which include engaging with management teams, fact checking through expert opinions, and advocating by proxy voting.

We are constantly considering ESG-related issues and how they might impact a company’s intrinsic value and future outlook.

Our ESG initiatives are governed by our internal Sustainability Advisory Council and supported by our Sustainability Team.

Affiliations & Advocacy

At Burgundy, we are affiliated with particular coalitions that align with our values as well as our clients. We also participate in various industry associations whose mandates include advocating to policymakers on behalf of investment managers and the investment industry. The following are some examples:

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Socially Responsible Investing

While our approach to ESG is generally more focused on the operation of the company and its financial performance, socially responsible investing (SRI) goes one step further by incorporating ethical and social concerns into portfolio management and selecting (or eliminating) certain investments according to specific ethical guidelines.

In addition to managing many of our clients’ portfolios with SRI considerations, Burgundy offers dedicated SRI and Foundation investment strategies. They are managed in accordance with our Responsible Investment Policy.

ESG Report 2022

2022 ESG Report

Explore our 2022 report that showcases our focus on integrating ESG in our investment process through company engagement, expert opinions, and proxy voting.

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