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Relationship with Burgundy

At Burgundy, we understand our clients’ need to protect and grow wealth over time. We build relationships with individuals and families who share our investment philosophy and long-term view, and who are looking for an independent investment manager with a strong track record of investing globally.

Our relationships with individuals and families span years and cross generations. In our more than 25-year history, one-third have been with us for over 10 years, one-fifth exceed 15 years and more than 200 have partnered with us for longer than 20 years.

As a client of Burgundy, there is no intermediary. Our clients have a direct relationship with the people who make investment decisions on their behalf. And, since more than two-thirds of our people are owners in the firm, our interests are directly aligned with our clients.

Our Investment Counsellors are fiduciaries, not commissioned sales people, who work with our clients to devise a customized investment strategy. Their goal is to put our clients in the best position to meet their long-term investment objectives. Over time, they work with our clients to ensure their investment strategies remain appropriate in changing market conditions and as their financial circumstances evolve.

Our customized investment strategies leverage Burgundy’s proprietary investment platform. For over 25 years, our Investment Team has built a deep understanding of investment opportunities in fixed income and equities, and within equities across the geographic regions of Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets.


When we first meet with a new client, our focus is on understanding their unique situation and needs. We identify their short- and long-term goals, tolerance for volatility, need for liquidity or cash flow, and expectations from their investment portfolio. We also ask them about their investment experience and what role they would like their Burgundy investment portfolio to play in their total wealth.

Customized Investment Proposal

We integrate our knowledge of our client’s investment objectives and risk tolerances with the realities of current market conditions and asset class expectations to create an effective and customized investment strategy, which leverages Burgundy’s proprietary investment platform.


Over time and through varying market swings, we work closely with our clients to ensure they remain committed to their long-term goals and that their investment strategies remain appropriate in the context of their changing needs.

We believe in clear and open communication. In addition to extensive investment reporting, our clients receive original communication pieces and invitations to educational events to better understand our views regarding particular subjects and market events. We work with our clients to help them understand their investments, because we believe education about investing is an essential component of long-term investment success.

The Women of Burgundy

The Women of Burgundy’s mission is to build a community that inspires women to make investing a priority. Members of the community come together at keynote speaker events, investment seminars and book clubs, designed to foster curiosity and confidence in investing. Since our launch in April 2014, more than 880 members have been inspired to make investing a priority.

In 2019, we launched the Women of Burgundy magazine, MINERVA, to widen our reach to a broader community

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