The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all of our lives. Uncertainty about the future has spurred palpable anxiety, and understandably so. While we are all going through this together, there are those for whom the implications are especially devastating. There is, of course, the tragic loss of life. It is hard to believe the numbers, and hard to watch these numbers grow each day. There is also the economic toll, which has left some unable to meet their immediate basic needs. At times like these, if we are able to, we must act with generosity and commitment.

Burgundy and many of our partners have already responded by donating to Food Banks Canada, as well as other charitable organizations that provide COVID-19-related relief. Food Banks Canada’s COVID-19 campaign will fund the purchase of food in bulk, which will then be distributed to food banks across the country. We believe supporting Food Banks Canada’s initiative will be critical to sustaining our communities during this unprecedented time by getting food to where it is desperately needed. This effort is also a key factor in ensuring a vibrant social and economic recovery, something we all hope to see as soon as possible.

The importance of our collective giving and sharing has never been greater. Indeed, Imagine Canada anticipates Canadian charities stand to lose close to $10 billion and 117,000 employees¹.

Over recent days, we have been inspired by the numerous examples of generosity and kindness emerging from across our country in response to this crisis – including the generosity of many of you, our clients. These acts range from volunteers delivering meals to seniors, landlords deferring rent payments to those in need, people making or collecting personal protective equipment for hospitals, to philanthropists and private foundations investing more quickly and deeply into the charities that anchor the resilience of our communities. Thank you for all the ways you are responding and mobilizing to help others during this time.


1. Imagine Canada, March 26, 2020