As part of our ongoing Burgundy series on family philanthropy, Investment Counsellor Angela Bhutani led a live discussion and Q&A period with John and Ebby Lacey, and their children, Dave Lacey and Cara Garvey. Together they discussed family philanthropy, community, and decision-making as a family.

Highlights of the session include:

  • 00:07: Journey to Canada from South Africa
  • 08:59: Beginnings of Family Philanthropy
  • 14:52: The Foundation
  • 19:51: Decision Making & Assessing Impact
  • 27:34: The Next Generation
  • 31:17: Q&A Period
  • 37:24: CEO Remarks


For an alternate format, access the transcript via the “Download PDF” link at the top of this post. The transcript has been edited for clarity.



Angela Bhutani

Angela Bhutani, CFA, CFP
VP, Investment Counsellor
Burgundy Asset Management

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