Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a rapidly developing and dynamic area for investors today. While we have written extensively about how we are integrating ESG into our investment approach, Burgundy’s first Sustainability Report turns that same lens onto ourselves. Please read on for a holistic look at our organization as we reflect on some of Burgundy’s own ESG endeavours, including our approach to DEI, our environmental footprint, and highlights from our Women of Burgundy initiative.

The past decade has seen increased consideration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in investing. Over these past two years, the mounting concerns about climate change, exacerbation of issues surrounding social injustice and inequality, and massive disruptions to our world resulting from the pandemic has only served to accelerate this trend. As an area of growing importance for both our clients and our own people, Burgundy is paying attention and is committed to being part of the solution.

We have written to you quite extensively about how we are integrating ESG into our own investment approach. We thought it only appropriate to turn that same ESG lens onto ourselves, allowing us to reflect on and evaluate Burgundy as an organization according to some of the same criteria.

At its core, the concept of ESG is really about long-term sustainability. Sustainability in everything we do has always served as a North Star concept at Burgundy. We exist to create long-term value for our clients for generations to come. We take a long-term perspective in all aspects of our approach to this mission – in our client relationships, our investment approach, our own people, our ownership structure, our commitment to the community, and the decisions we are making every day. However, similar to the steps we have taken to make ESG considerations more explicit in our investment decisions, we also recognize the opportunity to do so in our assessment of our own sustainability. In this, our first Sustainability Report, we provide a window into some of Burgundy’s own ESG initiatives.

Featured in the report:

Robyn Ross

Anne Maggisano and Lisa Ritchie

Julie Cordeiro

While we are proud of our efforts in these areas, and on many other fronts at the firm, we also understand there is much learning to do and appreciate we are on a journey for which there is no finish line. Our aim is always to provide full disclosure to you, our clients, and offer the information you need to make informed decisions about what matters to you.

Robert Sankey, CFA
Chief Executive Officer


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