During his studies, Gustavo learned many skills that would prove valuable when he began his career in value investing. Conducting experiments in materials science taught him the importance of sourcing reliable data and analyzing it objectively. Interning in investment banking for Debt Origination and Distribution, Gustavo learned that successful companies are organized around their clients. Their team, culture and processes are all designed in a way that support working in the client’s best interests. Currently, Gustavo is applying these lessons to identify quality companies in his role as an Investment Analyst at Burgundy.

Burgundy Experience

  • Joined Burgundy in 2017
  • Appointed a Vice President in 2023

Relevant Experience

  • 25 years of combined professional experience
  • Experience includes positions at: Edge Brasil Gestão de Recursos, IP Capital Partners, Banco Brascan


  • Bachelor of Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro