Christian was initially attracted to the quantitative aspects of finance and decided to pursue a career in investing during his first year of university in 2008. While learning about the efficient market hypothesis, Christian was simultaneously witnessing the greatest financial crisis in recent history. This early experience taught him about the potential for markets to behave inefficiently during periods of irrational exuberance and cemented the concept of capital preservation and downside protection in his mind forever. Over the following years, Christian tailored his investment approach to closely reflect his personal beliefs. Burgundy’s philosophy of owning high-quality businesses through a value framework is perfectly aligned with these beliefs and Christian looks forward to continuing to develop his skillset within Burgundy’s unique learning culture.

Burgundy Experience

  • Joined Burgundy in 2016
  • Appointed a Vice President in 2020

Relevant Experience

  • 10+ years of combined professional experience
  • Experience includes positions at: Glenview Capital Management, Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division


  • CFA Charterholder
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce, Queen's University

Memberships and Community

  • Member, CFA Society Toronto
  • Member, CFA Institute