Tag: Warren Buffett
Hayley Carr

Confessions of a Buffetteer

Burgundy is a self-described quality-value investor, but what does that really mean? What other value styles exist, and where does Burgundy fall within this sphere? Derived from a speech delivered at the London Value Investor Conference in May, the latest … Read More →

Joe Rooney

Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2014

Every May, a group from Burgundy heads down to Omaha, Nebraska for Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). This AGM is like no other! The venue is the CenturyLink Center – picture Toronto’s Air Canada Centre with a convention centre … Read More →

Ayrton Dick

Searching for Snowballs

At Burgundy, we employ a value approach to managing our clients’ wealth. However, value has a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from deep value through quality value. The deep value (Ben Graham) approach aims to buy an ordinary company for … Read More →

Richard Rooney

Beyond the Returns: Selecting a Money Manager (Part III)

In Part I and Part II, I looked at some money manager characteristics beyond performance that should result in an overall positive client experience, and used Warren Buffett as the classic example. In Part III, I conclude my thought experiment … Read More →