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Richard Rooney

Beyond the Returns: Selecting a Money Manager

When selecting a manager, most people start, logically enough, with the returns. That is the money manager’s product, after all. But all too often the disclosure that past performance is no guarantee of future returns seems to be more of … Read More →

Rob Barbara

Hedge Funds: Quitting While They’re Behind

Last month, Mat Harrison’s post “Where to Hide” mentioned how hedge funds have not been living up to their intended objectives. Building on this idea, The Economist posted an article that talks about the recent hardships hedge funds are experiencing … Read More →

Mathew Harrison

Where to Hide?

  “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt” – Mark Twain   Looking for bright spots in the global economy is a difficult task at present. There is no sense in trying to sugarcoat the truth: the undesirable “Ds” of … Read More →