Balkar Sivia

Balkar trained as an engineer, but found that his heart was in value investing after coming across the writings of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. While his initial experience was in North American equities, his role at Burgundy took him back to his country of birth. In 2012, he joined the Emerging Markets team as an Investment Analyst and focused on India before branching out to other emerging Asian countries. In the dynamic world of emerging markets, he is focused on finding high-quality companies led by trustworthy management teams. Balkar has found that qualitative and quantitative business analysis combined with a keen sense of context and culture is key to developing an informed opinion. This can be uniquely challenging in an arena as diverse and ambiguous as emerging markets, but that makes his work all the more rewarding.

Burgundy Experience

  • Joined Burgundy in 2012
  • Appointed a Vice President in 2017

Relevant Experience

  • 10 years of combined professional experience, including a position at McElvaine Investment Management Ltd.


  • CFA charterholder
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering), University of British Columbia

Memberships and Community

  • Member, CFA Society Toronto
  • Member, CFA Institute