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Relationship with Burgundy

Burgundy understands that foundations, endowments and not-for-profit organizations are stewards of capital that must be managed, sustained and grown over the long term. As discretionary investment managers and fiduciaries, we share our clients’ commitment to put the interests of the organization and its stakeholders first. As a client of Burgundy, there is no intermediary. Our clients have a direct relationship with the people who make investment decisions on their behalf.

We build relationships with foundations, endowments and not-for-profits who share our investment philosophy and long-term view, and who are looking for an independent investment manager with a strong track record of investing globally.

Investment Strategy

Our investment philosophy of long-term, quality-value investing is appropriate for foundations, endowments and not-for-profit organizations seeking a combination of capital preservation, growth and income. We work directly with our clients to meet a specific investment need, or to devise a customized investment strategy that meets the overall investment objectives of the organization.

Our customized investment strategies leverage Burgundy’s proprietary investment platform. For 30 years, our Investment Team has built a deep understanding of investment opportunities in fixed income and equities, and within equities across the geographic regions of Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Emerging Markets.

Our Foundation, Endowment and Not-for-Profit Clients

We manage assets for approximately 230 not-for-profit clients throughout Canada and internationally (as of June 2021) and our diverse clients include some of the 50 largest foundations and endowments in North America.

Philanthropy Breakdown, Q2 2021

*Other includes: First Nations, Public, Religious and Welfare


We believe in clear and open communication. In addition to extensive investment reporting, our clients receive original communication pieces and invitations to educational events to better understand our views regarding particular subjects and market events. We work with our clients to help them understand their investments, because we believe education about investing is an essential component of long-term investment success.

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