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Ken Broekaert

Europe: Navigating the Storm (Part III)

In Part I I explained that we let the strong management of our great companies generate value for us over time, and in Part II that our returns are generated by avoiding big losers – the companies we don’t own. … Read More →

Ken Broekaert

Europe: Navigating the Storm (Part II)

In Part I, I discussed how Burgundy has navigated the storm in Europe by owning great companies with strong profits, regardless of the macroeconomic scenario. In Part II I will look at the importance of avoiding large losses – what … Read More →

Craig Pho

Is Japan Our Future?

Our latest edition of The View from Burgundy, titled “Is Japan Our Future? Investing in Deflationary Times,” is now available! As bottom-up value investors, we look for quality companies that can be purchased at discounted prices no matter where they … Read More →

Ken Broekaert

Europe: Navigating the Storm

Over the last 12 years, since launching the Burgundy European Equity Fund, the European market has declined by 1.6% per year, turning one dollar into $0.82 for the index investor,(1) while our European Equity Fund earned more than 7.8% per … Read More →