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Fear of Missing Out

With the recent proliferation of social media, a previously little-known psychological condition has become commonplace: Fear Of Missing Out, often abbreviated as FOMO. The Fear Of Missing Out is fairly self-explanatory: anxiety manifests from the possibility of a significant event occurring without us knowing. It could be a viral online photo, a gathering of friends,… Continue reading “Fear of Missing Out”

Three Questions Clients Must Ask Their Managers

A key takeaway from our October issue of The View from Burgundy, “Surviving Success: Investment Management and Value Added,” is that all investors should hold a yearly meeting with their investment managers to assess the manager’s business. Specifically, they should ask three questions: Is your manager too big? Is your manager a closet indexer? Is… Continue reading “Three Questions Clients Must Ask Their Managers”

Surviving Success: Investment Management and Value Added

The VIEW from BURGUNDY In the investment management business, the greatest enemy of success is success itself. From birth through decline, the typical path of a money manager is quite predictable if three fundamental opponents to value added are not recognized and carefully addressed. These important factors are firm size, closet indexing and a focus… Continue reading “Surviving Success: Investment Management and Value Added”