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Craig Pho

Is Japan Our Future?

Our latest edition of The View from Burgundy, titled “Is Japan Our Future? Investing in Deflationary Times,” is now available! As bottom-up value investors, we look for quality companies that can be purchased at discounted prices no matter where they … Read More →

Ken Broekaert

Europe: Navigating the Storm

Over the last 12 years, since launching the Burgundy European Equity Fund, the European market has declined by 1.6% per year, turning one dollar into $0.82 for the index investor,(1) while our European Equity Fund earned more than 7.8% per … Read More →

Craig Pho

Japan: One Year Later

It has been one year since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The earthquake and tsunami that followed killed over 15,000 people, rendered more than 320,000 homeless, and caused approximately US$200 billion in damage, making it the most expensive natural disaster … Read More →

Richard Rooney

Sources of Volatility in Equity Markets

Since the world financial crisis began in mid-2008, high-quality investments have greatly outperformed lower-quality ones. It hasn’t been a straight line outperformance by any means, given the bouts of government risk subsidization that we have seen in 2009 and 2010, … Read More →