Category: Investment counselling & the client experience
Joe Rooney

Commodities, Contrarianism & Conviction

  Following is a common dialogue at recent investment meetings with our Canadian clients.   “Where is the price of oil going?” “The price of oil will increase.”   “When?” “We are not sure; it may decrease some more before … Read More →

Mathew Harrison

Have You Planned for Market Corrections?

Many global markets have slipped into correction or near-correction territory. As I write this, the TSX Composite Index has dropped 10.4% from its early September high. While stock market volatility isn’t much fun for private investors, those that have planned … Read More →

Anne Maggisano

Join the Women of Burgundy Community

Have you heard the news? Burgundy recently launched a Women of Burgundy initiative for you, our clients. Our mission is to build a community that inspires women to make investing a priority. We will move forward together, fostering curiosity, confidence … Read More →

Mathew Harrison

The REAL Enemy of the Bond Investor

In my post, Statement Shock: Bonds in the Red, I discussed why bond prices drop when interest rates rise and why this shouldn’t matter much to investors with a sufficient time horizon. While low yields and the short-term threat of … Read More →