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Richard Rooney

FeaturedSmart or Stupid? That Depends …

    The following speech was presented by Richard Rooney, President and CIO, at this year’s Client Day. It has been lightly edited and condensed for this blog entry.   Value investing is not a popular strategy these days. That … Read More →

Philip Doyle

Selling the Good with the Bad

    One of our key beliefs at Burgundy is that owning the equity of high-quality businesses is the best way to preserve and grow wealth over the long run. This long-term philosophy does not mean that our portfolios are … Read More →

Tony Arrell

Lazy Fund Managers

  When we started Burgundy 26 years ago we had some basic principles and values in mind. We would aim to make significant investments in well run businesses run by trustworthy, capable and honest management teams. We would work hard … Read More →

Caroline Montminy

Stoic Training for Private Investors

  Philosophy seems to be trending these days. In 2013, Burgundy sought investing inspiration from ancient Greece, publishing a View on Stoicism and the Art of Portfolio Intervention. Several tech entrepreneurs, such as Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) and Reid … Read More →