Yearly Archives: 2013
Craig Pho

Lying Down on the Highway: Reasons to Invest in Japan

Today, investors no longer pay much attention to Japan and most underweight their portfolios to Japanese equities or avoid the asset class altogether. Jesper Koll, one of the few long-standing Japanese market specialists still around explains the situation this way: … Read More →

Mathew Harrison

Lessons on Grand Strategy

The business of investing is fiercely competitive. It’s like war – your competitors are your adversaries and the market is your battlefield. Over the long run, winners and losers will be determined, lines will be drawn, and the successful few … Read More →

Richard Rooney

Beyond the Returns: Selecting a Money Manager (Part III)

In Part I and Part II, I looked at some money manager characteristics beyond performance that should result in an overall positive client experience, and used Warren Buffett as the classic example. In Part III, I conclude my thought experiment … Read More →

Richard Rooney

Beyond the Returns: Selecting a Money Manager (Part II)

In my last post, I introduced a thought experiment: what would be the ideal situation for the investment of your family wealth if you had started a generation ago, and what lessons can we learn from that experience? My answer … Read More →