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Mathew Harrison

Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder Letter

Although we read a lot at Burgundy, there is little that is considered “mandatory” reading. Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders might top the list. Not long after the letter to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway is posted online, a … Read More →

Rob Barbara

Hedge Funds: Quitting While They’re Behind

Last month, Mat Harrison’s post “Where to Hide” mentioned how hedge funds have not been living up to their intended objectives. Building on this idea, The Economist posted an article that talks about the recent hardships hedge funds are experiencing … Read More →

Mark Gallien

Why Stocks Beat Gold and Bonds

Warren Buffett recently wrote an article that appears in this month’s issue of Fortune Magazine, titled “Why Stocks Beat Gold and Bonds.” As we understand it, this will constitute part of his “Letter to Shareholders” in the Berkshire Hathaway Annual … Read More →