Category: Investment counselling & the client experience
Philip Doyle

Why Own Bonds?

At Burgundy, we believe that the best way to grow wealth over the long run is to own the equity of great businesses. However, we still recommend that many of our clients hold some bonds. With interest rates at record … Read More →

Anne Maggisano

Women of Burgundy – Celebrating One Year

Have you ever wondered what happens when a company begins to invest its resources in the women in its community? Well, exactly one year ago, Burgundy did just that. We decided that we were going to invest our time, energy, … Read More →

Joe Rooney

What Keeps Burgundy Up at Night?

Regardless of market conditions, there is one question we regularly field in client meetings: “What keeps you up at night?” For me, it is a potential misunderstanding between us and our clients. In the financial world, it is easy to … Read More →

Joe Rooney

Commodities, Contrarianism & Conviction

  Following is a common dialogue at recent investment meetings with our Canadian clients.   “Where is the price of oil going?” “The price of oil will increase.”   “When?” “We are not sure; it may decrease some more before … Read More →